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Launched in 2005, Evolve Capital is a private equity firm focused exclusively on leveraged recapitalizations of entrepreneurial businesses. Evolve’s principals have partnered with entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level since 1993.

We provide entrepreneurs with liquidity up front and also upon exit through their retained equity stake. In between, we provide professional management and a strong partnership, which increases shareholder value and attracts more potential buyers. Our entrepreneur and management team partners focus on positioning companies to maximize value upon exit.

We’ve been buying the same kinds of companies for over 15 years. Same attorneys. Same lenders. But we love meeting new intermediaries and entrepreneurs and learning about different businesses.

Evolve understands the intricacies of the intermediary – entrepreneur relationship.

  • Most of our investments come from long-term relationships with intermediaries.
  • We invest our own money, which lets us make investment decisions quickly and without lengthy books.
  • We like receiving your ideas and will reply to emails and calls promptly.
  • We value the intermediary as a partner.

Evolve invests time and energy into building relationships and trust. Evolve continuously works with intermediaries in reviewing and analyzing investment opportunities that meet our investment objectives. We provide straightforward feedback as we move through the acquisition process to ensure you know our position with respect to each opportunity.

Take a closer look at the deep wealth of experience and fresh thinking that our people can bring your business. Or take a shortcut and see what people we’ve already worked with have to say about Evolve.

What Others Have to Say About Us

“They make a great impression and are well liked and well received among sellers.  They’re highly reliable and always follow through on their word.  They’re always responsive and never cancel calls.  They are decisive and take charge.  Evolve becomes a partner with the entrepreneur, which says a lot to a seller.”

– West Coast Intermediary

“Evolve is very quick to respond to an opportunity.  They’re very easy to work with, and very responsive.  They always follow up with opportunities and don’t have the bureaucracy that’s often associated with larger firms.”

– East Coast Intermediary

“I got the best of all worlds: liquidity up front, partners who understand my business and a structure that allows me to operate without interference.  I realized my personal goals and got two bites of the apple through my retained equity stakes.”

– Joel Wishnick, Founder of Future Food, Ltd.